Benefits of a Spiral Freezer

Spiral freezer are the ideal solution for freezing or chilling foods and products. Their unique design allows them to freeze food evenly and quickly, reducing moisture loss. These benefits lead to a higher quality product at the end of the line. Additionally, the use of spiral freezers reduces energy usage, saving you money and limiting your impact on the environment.

In addition to energy savings, a well-designed spiral freezer can also help with production line efficiency and product consistency. For example, spiral freezers often feature a high degree of automation which improves the process by eliminating manual controls and reducing human error in product changeovers. This reduces labor costs and frees up personnel to spend time on other plant responsibilities. Additionally, increased monitoring can help with QA processes by allowing the temperature of finished product to be tracked in real time. This information can then be automatically sent to the QA department, reducing workflow interruptions and improving QA processes.

When considering your purchase of a spiral freezer, it is important to consider the airflow velocity, air temperature, belt width and length, turn radius and building material of the conveyor. The spiral freezer should be designed to freeze your product quickly, evenly and efficiently with minimal maintenance and cleaning required.

Another consideration is the availability of options and enclosure construction as well as manufacturer’s reputation for quality. These factors will impact the price of a spiral freezer, but will also affect how much you can expect to save in energy consumption and maintenance costs.

With a variety of sizes and capacities available, RMF’s industrial spiral freezers are engineered to provide you with the flexibility you need to accommodate your production needs. Their compact packaged design reduces operating cost, and conserves valuable floor space. Our high-efficiency impingement horizontal airflow recirculation system delivers the coldest possible air temperature directly to each tier of product from the evaporator.

The cold, germ-free airflow of a spiral freezer prevents your products from touching the conveyor belt, which makes it the best option for applications in which hygiene is critical. This allows the product to retain its original texture and flavor, while the quick freezing process eliminates the growth of bacteria, extending the shelf life of your finished products.

IQF cryogenic spiral freezers can be used for freezing and chilling a wide range of meat & poultry, fish, baked goods, and ready meals. They offer a low operation cost, less space requirement and easy integration into existing production lines.

Whether you are looking for an IQF spiral freezer with high capacity, or a simple spiral freezer to increase your production speed, Linde can help. Our patented CRYOLINE technology provides advanced monitoring and control that can save you energy, improve your product quality and reduce downtime. Our engineers will work with you to determine your specific needs and design the perfect solution for your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.

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