Cloud Gavel and the Judicial Community

Founded in 2007, cloud gavel operates as an information technology business. The company provides warrant processing, document processing and data analytics, and custom developed solutions to law enforcement and the judicial community. Its eWarrant solution allows officers to be in the field instead of behind a desk, reducing crime by increasing the amount of time spent on apprehension and conviction instead of paperwork.

Its telemetry discovery and analytics application GAVEL aligns billions of movement patterns to identify POL, key associations, and locations of interest for law enforcement investigation processes. The software enables investigators to share information across jurisdictions, reduces operating costs, and increases billable hours by automating repetitive tasks. XIRA continues to improve GAVEL with innovative functionality (including electronic payment acceptance and coming soon – electronic signature capabilities) so solo practitioners and small law firms can spend more of their time on actual billable work for clients.

GAVEL is free to attorneys who are registered on XIRA, a cloud-based practice management suite for solo practitioners and small law firms. XIRA’s platform features integrated practice management, invoicing, client communications, document vault and messaging. The suite is available for use on all devices, enabling professionals to work anywhere without losing productivity by switching between different applications.

Judges and Judicial Commissioners can log in to review & approve or reject warrants using the CloudGavel 365 App. This app is a streamlined version of the website and is more convenient for judges and commissioners who are on the go. cloud gavel

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