Compact Refrigerator Freezers: Preventing Food Poisoning

Preventing food poisoning from compact refrigerator freezers

If your choice falls on a reliable compact refrigerator, it will have almost all the generally recommended safety features. Still, doing the following will help you enjoy a tension-free college life.

  1. Position the appliance correctly

You can place your mini refrigerator anywhere you want; on the floor or on top of a furniture. Wherever it is, make sure that the surface is flat and stable. You are also advised to practice utmost caution if there are children in your home. They may try to open the door of the unit to see the contents. Besides, top of the refrigerator may heat up excessively; don’t keep perishable food items near or on the appliance.

  1. Keep track of the temperature

Install a programmable thermometer and monitor the temperature at regular intervals. It should not go above 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a refrigerator and 0 degrees Fahrenheit in a freezer. There may be slight variations depending on the model you choose. Go by the manufacturer recommendations here.

  1. Don’t overload the unit

You may have managed to get the largest among the compact refrigerators available. This does not give you the freedom to overload the appliance. A certain amount of free space is a must for proper air circulation. It helps temperature to remain consistent throughout the entire unit.

  1. Keep your refrigerator neat and clean

Know that bacteria are always on the lookout for spaces to grow and multiply. A slight negligence may cost you dearly in the form of treatments for food-poisoning. Explore the Internet and understand what should and should not be stored in the unit. Be quick to clean out spills.

  1. Don’t allow food to stay long

Try to consume your favorite food items as fast as possible.  Waiting for the maximum duration may spoil them. The same applies to leftovers. Know that the items you opened once get spoiled fast.

  1. Use containers wisely

Plastic or air bags are the best as containers. Take care to ensure that all the items you want to store in the unit are properly packed. Insufficient covering may lead to food odors or freezer burns.

  1. Be careful during power outages

A fully packed refrigerator will stay cold up to 48 hours during a power outage. If it is not possible to fill up your fridge with food items, use old containers or newspapers for the purpose.  You should also make sure that the door remains closed as much as possible. camping refrigerator

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