Custom Grip Socks Wholesale

Grip socks are the perfect solution for safe and fun trampoline jumping. Designed with grips on the bottom of the sock to prevent slippage, they can be customized in a variety of ways and for many different purposes.

Whether you’re looking for cozy socks to snuggle up in on sleepy Saturdays or sporty socks that will help you find balance on your yoga mat, we can make it happen. And we can add a non-slip bottom to any style of sock, from baby socks to knee-high socks.

The fabrication you choose determines how your design is applied to the sock. The/Studio will work with you to find a process that works best for your needs and budget.

Socks can be dye sublimated or 360-printed, which produces a more vibrant and crisp image. The sock is stretched and the design elements are printed directly onto it, which can be great for designs with a lot of fine detail or color gradients.

Football grip socks have a unique towelling sole design on the bottom of the foot, which is made of non-slip rubber embellishments, effectively preventing the socks from slipping during intense exercise and increasing stability, making them one of the most popular soccer sports socks today.

Designed with ergonomic left and right feet design, these breathable socks will shape the foot perfectly, improve the athlete’s mobility and agility, and reduce the feeling of muscle soreness during training and matches. They also provide effective sports shock absorption, protect the arch of the foot and enhance explosive speed. custom grip socks wholesale

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