Custom Suits For Men

Custom suits are a great option for men who want to achieve a look that’s truly unique but who might not have the time or energy to spend on off-the-rack shopping. These suits are made to your exact measurements, allowing you to create a fit that’s perfect for you. They’re also a great option for guys who struggle to find off-the-rack suits that fit well or for those whose bodies are changing (losing weight, packing on muscle) and need a suit that will adapt to their new physiques.

When it comes to buying a custom suit, you’ll quickly discover that the term “custom” can mean different things. The most common form of a custom suit is an online MTM suit from a company like Indochino, Black Lapel or Oliver Wicks. These suits are cut from a paper pattern that is created after you’ve been measured. The fabric you select will have a huge impact on the quality of your suit and how it wears over time.

Another type of custom suit is fully bespoke. While this is more expensive than an MTM, it’s a great option for those with the money and patience to invest in a suit that will last years. A full bespoke suit begins with a consultation between you and the tailor, during which they’ll discuss your specific style requirements and preferences. They’ll then take detailed body measurements and analyze your build, stance and posture to create a paper pattern on which they’ll cut the cloth panels for your suit. Custom suits

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