Dental Surgery Equipment

When it comes to dental surgery equipment, a dentist needs reliable tools for the job at hand. The right instruments make the procedure easier for the dental professional and help create a positive patient experience, which in turn leads to better treatment results.

Infection control is also a key aspect of the equipment. The simplest solution is a simple tabletop sterilizer, while larger offices may opt for an automated surgical delivery system that features automatic activation for 3 handpieces, an airflow regulator, a self-sufficient waterline with asepsis tubes and a purgative system.

Dissecting forceps are another important tool used to assist with the extraction process, and they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and thicknesses. The best ones will allow a firm hold without slipping and can compress hemorrhagic tissue to a degree that is not damaging or painful for the patient.

X-ray imaging equipment is an essential piece of dental surgery equipment that detects minuscule signs of damage, decay, and other problems so they can be treated early. Investing in digital X-ray technology will help reduce exposure to radiation while increasing efficiency and improving image quality.

Henry Schein is one of the leading providers of dental equipment, offering everything from management software and small equipment to dental materials and chairs. They even provide instrument repairing, sharpening, and office redesign facilities, so you can get the most out of your practice. They are also a great option for patients, as they have a wide selection of products available that can fit any budget.

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