Dog Dewormer For Cancer Claims to Work

Despite the fact that it is not approved by the FDA for cancer treatment, there has been a rise in social media posts and TikTok videos claiming that dog dewormer for cancer works. Some of these claims have received millions of views on TikTok and Facebook. Most of them are based on the anecdotal account of a man named Joe Tippens who says that his lung cancer went into remission after he started taking fenbendazole, which is sold under the commercial name Panacur.

Joe Tippens claims that after he started taking fenbendazole, his PET scans showed no signs of cancer. He credits the success of his regimen, which also includes CBD oil, curcumin, and vitamin E, to a tip he got from a veterinarian. While many people are skeptical of his story, Tippens continues to post updates on his Facebook page claiming that he is still cancer free.

In one of his latest posts, he says that he has been cancer free for seven months. While some experts are skeptical of his claims, others are investigating whether he might have found a cure for cancer using a dog dewormer.

While fenbendazole is widely used in dogs as a parasitic worm medication, research shows that it can also suppress cancer cells in the lab and in mice. The drug reportedly works by targeting microtubules, which provide structure to all living things including cancer cells. Inhibiting the growth of these microtubules is an established method of destroying cancerous cells and it has been studied extensively in lab animals.

Some researchers are claiming that the dewormer for cancer can be used as an alternative to chemotherapy. This is due to the fact that the drug can treat a wide variety of cancers and it has relatively few side effects. This is an important finding because conventional treatments like chemotherapy can have serious side effects.

However, the National Cancer Institute says that it is too early to recommend fenbendazole as an anticancer agent. The agency is continuing to investigate the drug’s potential as a human cancer treatment.

The NCI notes that a combination of surgery and standard chemotherapy is the most effective treatment for advanced colon cancer, which has a death rate of two-thirds in patients who receive the traditional therapy alone. The death rate could be cut by half if more patients are treated with the combination therapy. This is because the combination of surgery and standard chemotherapy may increase the number of patients who survive beyond five years compared to those who only undergo surgery. The National Cancer Institute is aiming to test this new approach in 2023. The study is expected to include around 1,700 patients who will be given the combination therapy. It will be funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Defense. Until then, people who are diagnosed with cancer should continue to seek out treatment from their doctor. dewormer for cancer

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