Drug Charges Lawyer

A drug charges lawyer can help you defend against allegations of drug possession, distribution, manufacturing or trafficking. These are serious offenses that can lead to significant jail time and a permanent record that will interfere with employment opportunities, child custody or adoption proceedings and affect your ability to qualify for government assistance. A good attorney can work to reduce your charges or even get them dismissed entirely so you can have a clean record.

Drug charges are complicated and require the knowledge and experience of a criminal defense attorney who understands drug crime laws and how they are applied in court. If you have been charged with a drug offense, it is crucial to get in touch with an experienced New York drug charges lawyer as soon as possible.

Michael Dreishpoon has extensive experience defending clients from all kinds of drug-related offenses, including:

Possession: A common charge that can be accompanied by more severe charges such as intent to distribute or trafficking if police suspect the amount of drugs possessed is higher than what would be expected for personal use. This may include marijuana, methamphetamine and other controlled substances.

The best way to fight possession charges is by showing that the drugs were not yours at the time of discovery or that you had no knowledge of them being in the vehicle, residence, etc. In some cases, an attorney can also argue that the evidence was obtained illegally in violation of your right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures.

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