Energy and Utilities Cloud for Utility Management

Salesforce Energy & Utilities Cloud is a powerful addition to the Salesforce platform with the tools you need to manage your sales pipelines, collaborate with stakeholders, protect employees, and effectively manage your data. It’s a single, unified suite of customer information systems (CIS), asset management, and enterprise resource planning solutions.

Utility computing is a model where IT services are delivered over the Internet as a service, much like you consume electricity. This eliminates the need for businesses to purchase and maintain hardware and software, reducing IT costs and the risk of losing critical business data in natural disasters. It also gives companies the ability to scale up their IT infrastructure without any hiccups.

It can be overwhelming to change the way you do things, but with the right roadmap and support, you’ll be successful. Start small and roll out Utility Cloud at a pace that feels comfortable for your team. Train one or more power users to be your business system administrator (BSA). They will serve as your internal support and Utility Cloud expert to manage assets, work, reports, users, and more.

Manage data, work, safety, and compliance reporting for both your vertical plant and distributed field operations. Designed for spatial awareness, the app helps your crews distribute work and inspections based on precise data. Plus, it streamlines compliance reporting with built-in inspection and maintenance checklists and calculations. Plus, it’s integrated with more tools than any other Utility Operations Management solution. cloud utility management

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