Finding a Hairdresser That Specialises in Curly Hair

A wavy, curly or textured hair cut can really change the way your locks look — and even how you feel. It’s important to find a hairdresser that has experience cutting curls, and understands the unique challenges of this specific hair type.

The good news is, there’s been a major shift in the number of salons in Melbourne that recognise and specialise in curls. From boutiques stocked with curl-approved products to specialised stylists who know how to give you the best shape, it’s now easier than ever to get your hair just right.

At Rhodes Hair & Spa in the eastern suburb bible belt of beauty, ask for Melissa — she has curl love written all over her. She offers a dry haircut without using a comb, so each curl is cut individually. Then she’ll show you how to keep them hydrated at home with her own specially formulated range of products.

At Project One, Jill specialises in curls and wavy hair. She uses a free hand, curl by curl cutting technique and says she’s seen an incredible rise in the number of clients with natural textured hair who come to her. She also offers a hydration service at the end of your cut, which will have you feeling like a rock star. curly hair hairdresser melbourne

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