First Ever3D FIFA World Cup

For the first time ever the FIFA World Cup Finals will be held in the African continent,

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 more precisely in South Africa, it is also the first a South American brand is one of the official sponsors, Spain could win it for the first time and this will be the first ever World Cup broadcasted in 3D.Many of you reading this article might be on plane on its way to South Africa to watch your squad live but for us unlucky mortals reality just got a little closer thanks to the introduction of 3D TVs and 3D TV Broadcasting, more to that in another article.3D Video technology has been around for quite some time now, who doesn’t remember those paper goggles with red and green lenses we need to watch 3D movies at the theaters.

Since then 3D video technology has evolved and we are now able to have it in our own homes thanks to an avalanche of 3D TVs introduced to the market this spring.Manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, Phillips, LG and Samsung released a new range of 3D Ready TV sets and they are all very optimistic that the technology is here to stay. Prof to that are their predictions, many of them believe that by 2012 3D TV sales will account for more than 50% of their respective TV distribution. It is expected that the screens will use a mixture of technologies until there is standardisation across the industry. The entertainment industry is working to develop a common and compatible standard for 3D in home electronics.As you can see 3D Video Technology has evolved to new boundaries but one thing that remains the same is the need of 3D glasses but that is also about to change.

Chinese manufacturer TCL has created a 42-inch LCD 3D TV that uses a lenticular system and does not require any special glasses. This 3D TV set is currently available in China for a bargain of $20,000, approximately 13,700 pounds.3D broadcasting has been around since 2008, the Japanese cable channel BS 11 has been broadcasting 3D programs approximately four times a day since. Earlier this year satellite TV giant Sky launched Sky Sport 3D, together with other TV networks around the globe it will be broadcasting live FIFA World Cup matches in 3D.It is quite obvious that this innovative technology is here to stay, so the million dollar question right now is. Is it the right time to buy a 3D TV set or is it too early and we should wait till the technology is more mature and standardisation has been set… 해외축구중계

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