Good Icebreaker Questions to Get to Know People

Icebreaker questions can help you get to know people in a group, whether they’re your teammates at work or fellow students in class. Good icebreaker questions are inclusive, don’t have right or wrong answers, and make everyone feel comfortable talking about themselves.

Here are some tried-and-true icebreaker questions that reveal lots of information about people in a fun, light-hearted way. From personal things like their favorite food to the things they’d bring on a deserted island, these questions are a great way to connect with your team members.

Some of the best icebreaker questions are those that challenge you to think outside-the-box. These types of questions often lead to some hilarious answers and are a great way to lighten the mood during your virtual meeting or in person.

Asking a “would you rather” question is another great icebreaker to get your team to talk more openly. You can pose one of these fun scenarios, then ask them to pick a side—like if they would rather be in the Avengers or the Justice League—and why.

Getting to know people is a great way to build trust and foster psychological safety in your workplace or classroom. These icebreakers are a fun, engaging way to do just that. You can use these in a 1:1 conversation, during a company all-hands meeting, or as part of any other group interaction to get to know your team members better. Just remember to keep the questions light-hearted and non-judgmental, so everyone feels safe sharing their responses. good ice breaker questions

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