Hattingen Lawyer Ute Schniering

The Anwalt Hattingen Ute Schniering (born in 1962) is an experienced family law specialist who is able to work out quick and secure solutions for you. She takes care of the calculation, examination, enforcement or defence of maintenance claims and will help you to get back on your feet again after a separation. You can contact her by email or telephone. However, it is often best to meet her in person so that she can give you expert advice. She also provides assistance with divorce cases.

AZ-Hattingen takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and complies strictly with the regulations of the German data protection laws. Your personal data will only be used for the purposes you have authorised. It will not be consolidated with any other data sources, nor will it be passed on to third parties.

The Protestant Reformation gains popularity in the region. The city is fortified with stone walls, defensive towers and five city gates and is granted the privilege to hold three fairs a year. The community of Blankenstein is added to Hattingen.

A new era begins for the industrial city of Hattingen. In order to increase the competitiveness of the city, a new metallurgical works is built at Henrichshutte. The city is now a leader in the field of steel production.

The city of Hattingen is included in the “Arbeitsgemeinschaft Historische Stadtkerne in Nordrhein-Westfalen” (historical city centres in North Rhine-Westphalia) and Blankenstein joins the community in1992. The popular Industrial-Museum Henrichshutte reminds visitors of the long steel-making tradition in the city.

World War II

The first bombings reach Hattingen. The air raid sirens are heard 1292 times during the war. The city’s jewish population is gathered up and deported to concentration camps, where most of them perish.

The renowned artist Käthe Schieb (1908-1977) lived and worked in the city of Hattingen for many years. Her watercolours and woodcuts, which often contained up to six separate hand-pulled blocks, earned her national recognition. She also taught artistic design at the Folkwangschule in Essen. After the war she travelled to Yugoslavia, France and Italy. During this period she became close friends with the painter Werner Gilles.

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