How a Divorce Mediation Lawyer Can Help You Settle Your Divorce Issues

When you’re divorcing, there are many issues to settle. For example, you and your spouse might disagree on how to handle child custody arrangements, or you might have trouble setting appropriate spousal support payments. Some couples decide to fight it out in court, but a few settle these issues through divorce mediation.

The most important thing is to find a mediator with experience handling divorces and cases involving children. They may be lawyers, CPAs (certified public accountants), social workers, or other people with specialized training. Some mediate only divorces; others specialize in cases involving children or other specific issues (such as alimony).

Once you’ve found a mediator, the process usually begins with an initial meeting. Then, the mediator will ask each of you to provide basic information about your marriage and family. They might also ask for documents and schedule a series of meetings with you and your spouse.

During the sessions, the mediator will try to help you reach an agreement on all the divorce-related issues. If you and your spouse agree on an arrangement for custody, or spousal support, or property division, the mediator will draft a written agreement that both of you sign. Then, the agreement becomes a part of your final divorce judgment.

Divorce mediation works well for couples who are willing to collaborate and negotiate. If you think your spouse might be unwilling to cooperate, or if there’s domestic violence or other factors that make it impossible for you to use mediation, then you should hire an attorney instead. divorce mediation lawyer

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