How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboards

Modern gaming keyboards are finely tuned instruments designed to improve your performance. They include programmable keys that change based on how you play and anti-ghosting technology to ensure every keypress is registered. They also offer features to enhance comfort, like curving the keyboard for a more natural arm position and adding wrist support.

To help you choose the right one for your needs, consider factors like whether it’s a full-size or tenkeyless model and its RGB lighting features. Also pay attention to the switch type and its design, which determines how the key feels and reacts when pressed. And don’t forget to check out the software that controls lighting and other features. It’s not always as comprehensive as some of the best gaming keyboard software, but it can still be a useful tool for customizing your experience.

This budget tenkeyless model is a great choice for casual gamers, offering a comfortable typing experience and plenty of customizable lighting. Its Lekker switches aren’t as smooth or clicky as some of the other keyboards we’ve reviewed, but they provide a consistent response to your input without a lot of extra noise. This keyboard also has a unique Analog Mode, which simulates the gradual input of a gamepad controller for more precise control.

This tenkeyless model is a top-rated gaming keyboard for its combination of features and price. Its durable HyperX mechanical switches are rated to withstand 80 million keystrokes and its aircraft-grade aluminum body is sturdy and premium-looking. Its plush, padded wrist rest is also a nice touch. And with the included HyperX NGENUITY software, you can adjust the lights and other features to suit your style.

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