How to Use Car Magnets to Promote Your Business on the Go

Car magnets are an effective way to promote your company’s name and logo on the go. They’re durable, weather-resistant and offer a cost-effective solution for businesses to get their name out there and make potential customers aware of their products or services. The best part is that they can be easily removed and cleaned, which prevents any damage or staining to the car or truck.

Depending on the size of your vehicle, you’ll want to choose an appropriate sized car magnet. For the average passenger car, it is recommended to use a 12” x 18” car magnet while larger vehicles like pickup trucks may benefit from the more spacious 18” x 24” car magnet. It is also important to clean the surface where you plan to place the magnet and to regularly remove it. This allows the automobile to be wiped down and protects it from excessive sun exposure which can cause color fade or even damage to the paint of your car.

Debris trapped between the magnet and automobile can also result in air gaps that decrease the magnetic’s ability to adhere to the surface of the vehicle. It is therefore important to regularly wipe the automobile and magnet to remove any dirt or dust particles that can become abrasive and damage both surfaces. This can be especially beneficial during summer and other periods of high UV exposure. car magnets

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