Is Tor Browser Safe?

Tor is a free software that routes your data traffic through servers (or nodes) scattered around the world, making it difficult to track your location or online activities. Its main benefit is keeping you anonymous while accessing websites on the dark web, but it can also protect you from hackers, criminals, and viruses if used properly.

Unfortunately, hackers and state-level actors have been successful at breaching Tor’s security in the past. It’s important to be aware of these risks when using Tor, which is why we recommend pairing it with a virtual private network and antivirus.

The most common risk is that you could still be tracked online, even when using Tor. The danger comes from bad exit nodes, which are the last stop before your data connects to a website or page. If someone else controls these nodes, they can see what sites you visit and even your real IP address.

Other risks include malicious code and malware. The threat of viruses and malware is particularly high when browsing the dark web, where hackers can create fake sites that infect users with malware. You can avoid this by only downloading Tor from its official site and running a secure operating system such as TAILS or Qube. We also recommend disabling any add-ons and extensions in your browser, as these can make your fingerprint more unique and lead to cross-website tracking. is tor browser safe

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