Katana Sword

A katana is a sword forged in a process steeped in Japanese tradition, each one an intricate work of art. The blade is typically made from high-carbon steel, known as tamahagane. The swordsmith heated iron sand and charcoal in a clay furnace to generate crude steel, which is hammered, folded and welded to remove impurities and create a layered effect. The resulting blade is the basis for a katana, and it can be as long or short as the swordsmith desires.

A samurai’s katana was more than a weapon, it was a symbol of the samurai code. In feudal Japan, a kaishukunin (senior warrior) could perform seppuku (ritual suicide) to redeem himself for breaking the code, or kiritsuke, by piercing his stomach with his blade. The katana helped the warrior to control the downward cut with precision, allowing him to redeem himself without inflicting unnecessary pain on his family and clan.

Today, the katana is revered for its beauty and its role in history. A katana should be cleaned carefully after each use to remove residue and moisture that can cause rusting. It should also be stored in a dry place to prevent moisture buildup that can trap and corrode the blade. Katanas should also be kept in a sheath, called a Saya, that is suitable for the blade. The sheath should fit the blade well, and should be made of a wood that is lacquered for preservation. It may take a month for a sword craftsman to make a single katana, and it’s not unusual for such swords to cost several million yen or more! buy a katana here

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