League of Legends Lecture – 3 Ways to Improve Your League of Legends

Before the millions of players, before the billions in revenue, before esport tournaments that reached 100 million viewers, League of Legends was barely more than an idea. Jeff Jew remembers the year-long struggle to bring it to life as a “super scary” time for him and his colleagues at Riot Games.

Achieving top levels of anything requires a disciplined approach to practice. Just like volleyball or chess, it is necessary to start at the beginning and learn the fundamentals before you can improve. League of Legends is no different. But many players treat the game as something different from all other competitive activities. They spam solo queue and re-iterate the same mistakes over and over, resulting in only marginal improvements in rank.

In this lecture, Nicholas “NicoThePico” Korsgard will teach you 3 ways to drastically improve your League of Legends mechanics, roles & meta knowledge in order to become a better player and break into the competitive eSports scene! Nico is a former EU LCS coach and currently the best-rated coach on GamerSensei. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics & Leadership and played as the jungler for Banditos eSports and Enigma eSports before that. He will help you understand League of Legends from perspectives that are not common to most other coaches or players. 롤대리

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