Liebherr Stainless Steel Refrigeration – for Any Modern Kitchen

Stainless steel is one of the most popular materials for domestic appliances today as it is so versatile and looks great in any modern kitchen. Stainless steel is also easy to clean and is durable, saving you time and lasting that little bit longer.

Liebherr stainless steel fridges and freezers are amongst the best examples of the metal being used in domestic appliances and combine modern, contemporary designs with clever technological features designed to make food storage easy and convenient for you.

Within the Liebherr stainless steel range is a vast selection of fridges, freezers and fridge- freezers in a variety of integration types, including in column fridge-freezers, built under fridge- freezers and freestanding models.

Prices range from about £400 to around £3000 and come in a great many sizes and styles so that you can find the perfect Liebherr stainless steel appliance to fit into your kitchen and your lifestyle.

But even at the lower end of the price scale, Liebherr do not fail to impress with the CTPsef 2031 model, which is a free standing fridge- freezer that you can definitely get your money’s worth from. This perfectly designed Liebherr stainless steel appliance has an energy efficiency rating A+, which can only be a good thing in a world that places such high emphasis on energy efficient products from both a financial and environmental point of view.

In this Liebherr stainless steel fridge- freezer the spacious 4 star freezer compartment is at the top of the unit with a large refrigerator beneath it. This appliance, along with other Liebherr stainless steel fridge- freezers in the top- freezer range, has lots of space for fresh food, safe long-term storage and is easy to use.

If we take a look at the other end of the price spectrum, at just below the £3000 mark, the side- by- side Liebherr stainless steel SBSes 7155 fridge-freezer encompasses everything you would ever need from a freestanding fridge- freezer, including masses of storage space, Biofresh technology to keep your food good and fresh for up to three times as long as an ordinary fridge and this range of Liebherr stainless steel appliances also has an excellent energy efficiency rating of between A and A+ depending on the model you choose.

As well as the basics, this Liebherr stainless steel appliance includes some luxury features such as the integral ice maker and a compartment dedicated to storing wine.

However, if the SBSes 7155 does not have enough space for all of your wine, there are also a number of wine cabinets available in Liebherr stainless steel. They come in a number of different sizes and can hold between 40 and 231 75cl bottles of Bordeaux depending upon the range and model you choose.

Each of the Liebherr stainless steel wine coolers has an adjustable temperature function and if you want to store different types of wine together, the multi- temperature wine cabinets are also available in Liebherr stainless steel and allow you to set different temperatures in each of up to six wine storage compartments within the cabinet. rv refrigerator repair

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