Luxury Hotels Around Lake Garda

Lake Garda is the largest of Italy’s lakes and, despite being overshadowed by its glamorous sister, Lake Como, is a dazzling holiday destination. A natural oasis that acts like a giant solar panel, its balmy climate has inspired ancient Roman poets, Renaissance writers and modern artists (think Picasso). Today the area is an ideal destination for families and couples seeking relaxation with stunning views, thanks to its picturesque amphitheatre cliffs, gorgeous beaches and many hotels.

The luxury hotel options around the lake are nearly as breathtaking as its scenery, from the chalet chic, wind swept towns of the northern shores and the Belle Epoque villas that encircle the riviera stretch, to beautifully converted farmhouses and upscale spa hotels on the Mediterranean-feeling south side. In this section, we’ve picked out some of the best of them, from state-of-the-art wellness resorts with view-filled rooms to aristocratic villa conversions that are immaculately appointed with antiques and beautiful fabrics.

The Hotel Caravel, for example, is a family-friendly property with large rooms and plenty of space to stretch out on the balcony during the summer, when the outdoor pool opens. The rooms are clean, comfortable and well-equipped – with some nice touches, such as a sauna with windows facing the forest view and a lovely bathroom where you can relax in an outdoor wooden tub. Guests also get free breakfast, parking and loaner bikes. lake garda hotel

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