Make a Grand Entrance in This Adult Miles Morales Costume

Make a grand entrance in this Adult Miles Morales Costume. Based on the young Spider-Man from Marvel’s Into the Spider-Verse, this jumpsuit features a bold red and black design that will catch people’s eyes and imaginations. It includes a pair of attached foam boot covers with elastic bands underfoot for a snug and secure fit that will let you move like the agile hero you are. The fabric hood/mask is also included and has mesh covered eye openings to help you keep your identity secret.

When Miles first took up the mantle of Spider-Man in the Ultimate Marvel Universe, he borrowed Peter Parker’s store-bought costume. However, it didn’t take long for him to hone his own superhero look and come up with something more in line with his unique personality.

That includes his iconic black suit with a red spider chest emblem and webbing that’s reminiscent of his uncle, the Prowler. As a nod to the character, Insomniac has included a version of this costume in a trio of DLC suits for the Spider-Man video game series.

The TRACK suit evokes the Prowler’s purple armor, but with a sleek feel that almost feels like an ode to an armored symbiote. The VISITOR suit is another variant that calls to mind Miles’ Spider-Man clones, and the UPTOWN PRIDE suit draws inspiration from Miles’ gold-plated superhero look of the future. This is the same style that’s featured in a new cover and solicitation for December’s Miles Morales #1 by the series’ creators, Saladin Ahmed and Carmen Carnero.

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