Moving Quotes Out of State – How to Get Accurate Moving Quotes

If you’re planning an out of state move, it’s important to get estimates from multiple moving companies. However, not all moving quotes out of state are created equal. Some can be inaccurate, leading to unexpected fees down the line. You can avoid these pitfalls by examining the fine print. Look for these important details:

Deposit Info

Checking a moving company’s deposit policy is a vital step in finding movers you can trust. Most moving companies require a deposit of up to 50% of the total cost. Make sure you talk to your moving company well in advance of your actual moving date to figure out what this deposit will be. This will give you a good idea of whether or not the move is within your budget.

Customer Reviews

Check out a moving company’s online customer reviews. You’ll want to read reviews that mention responsiveness, reliability, safe delivery, and helpful customer service. These are all qualities that reputable out of state movers should have. Additionally, be sure to check out the company’s licensing. You can do this by searching for the company’s motor carrier (MC) number and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.

Moving Services Offered

Many of the top rated out of state movers offer different moving services to fit your specific needs. For instance, some may specialize in carrying awkward or hefty items, such as pool tables and pianos. Others might provide packing and unpacking services to ease the stress of your move. Still, other moving companies focus on providing full-service moves from start to finish. These are a great option if you need help with all the little things that go into making an out of state move smooth and seamless.

Weight of Stuff

Your moving company will weigh your stuff to determine how much space it takes up on the truck. This will also help them give you an accurate estimate of how long it’ll take to load up your belongings and transport them.

Be Aware of Hidden Fees

Be aware that out-of-state movers often add on extra fees to their standard rates. These additional charges can include fuel surcharges, equipment charges, and delivery fees. You can avoid these additional fees by working with a moving company that offers transparent and upfront pricing.

Allied Van Lines is a highly rated moving company that offers several moving packages to fit your budget. Their most popular package includes full-service packing, storage, and transportation. They also have flexible storage options to meet your needs. Additionally, they’re one of the few movers that offer mobile storage containers. This allows them to transport your possessions from your old home to the new location without having to return them to a warehouse in between. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Allied also provides a free moving quote online so you can know what your out-of-state move will cost before you book it. moving quotes out of state

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