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 some chinese people’s resistance may be environmentally friendly shopping bags designed not human, can not give consumers the convenience of shopping on. Chinese production of environmentally friendly shopping bags manufacturers should seriously think again. To learn about the experience of neighboring countries, let’s take a look at Japan’s domestic use of reusable shopping bags.Although plastic bags are not environmentally friendly, but it does have to bring a real convenience. To be replaced, not many manufacturers will not be able to spend some thought to provide a greater variety of choice to the consumer. According to the type of reusable shopping bags to the points used in Japan reusable shopping bags can be divided into: wrapping paper, bags, delivery bags, rice bags, bags angle end (or “flat bag”) and sealed tube. Among them, wrapping paper can also be subdivided into common pattern, pattern of fruit and water, and wrapping paper is mainly used for packaging bulky goods; bag sales can also be subdivided into general use, and fruit pattern, chemical-free spinning and advanced bag and other varieties. It is because of Japan’s domestic production of a wide range of reusable shopping bags, elegant style, designed to take into account the function of most of the packaging of goods, so the Japanese would not conflict with the emotional demands of a more environmentally friendly shopping bags.Look at the forum in China to promote use of reusable shopping bags on the post, nonwoven bags most people support the idea that environmental protection policies. The voice of the objector, we often hear is a word “rustic”. Refer to someone of internet users described as “environmentally friendly shopping bags are now available in the market is not terribly earth is a big word to name the name of the supermarket, the supermarket holding a shopping like wearing the uniform of the publicity for it everywhere.” In fact, our large shopping bags in graphic design aspect a little more effort, the choice of style should be a little more.Japanese style of reusable shopping bags in the design is very user-friendly. Each age, sex between different styles of reusable shopping bags are different requirements, the Japanese manufacturer of reusable shopping bags are very aware of this point, they are for different groups to produce different styles of reusable bags. Such as the noble lady like handbag type, young women like the cartoon-based, avant-garde dark cool type like a family, elderly people who like simple and plain type … … Japanese style of reusable shopping bags array, so you always have a satisfied.Design a variety of specifications of reusable shopping bags in order to meet the actual needs of consumers. Think about it, take a 540 × 200 × 530 shopping bags to buy a paper tube does not feel strange?To completely replace the plastic bags, promote use of reusable shopping bags, then the scope of reusable shopping bags than plastic bags on the broader, at least not in the scope of application than the smaller bags. MK crossbody bag

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