Palworld – What If Pokemon Had Guns?

Palworld asks the question, “What if Pokemon had guns?” and it answers with a snarky, mid-2000s Newgrounds edgelord sensibility. It’s not a game for the faint of heart. The gameplay is a checklist of tasks that churns forward, and it’s easy to get buried in the grind as you gather the technology and raw materials needed to craft the necessary contraptions. Eventually, your tech tree grows and you can unlock new gear items to increase your defenses and speed up production.

As with other survival crafting games, building in Palworld is a major endeavor and it’s important to keep the area around your base clear of unnecessary stuff like rocks and trees to ensure you have room for expansion. You also need to make sure your base is well stocked with food and water so you’re ready for anything a wild Palworld can throw at you.

The pacing of Palworld is a bit slow and the initial tutorial is not a great one. The game’s strong point, however, is its design and its ability to be a fun, engaging distraction. The Pal designs are akin to fan-favorite Pokemon (though they’re mostly animals and not human) and there are some truly standout ones like Eikthyrdeer, the frosty weasel or Cawgnito, the massive hamster.

Palworld is available now on Steam and the Microsoft Store and Xbox (including Game Pass) for $30. It is an early-access title, meaning it’s still in development and may experience bugs and other issues as it’s updated. Buy Palworld

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