Reformer Pilates Wollongong

Reformer pilates wollongong is an effective way to strengthen your body. There are a range of studios in the area offering classes. Some are more focused on promoting overall wellbeing and others offer specific offerings for those with injuries or pre/postnatal needs. There are also options for those looking to get the most out of their workout, ranging from high intensity to yoga and mind and body.

Located at 81 Keira Street, The Wellness Centre is a wholistic health and prevention centre. Their highly experienced instructors are trained to use a Clinical Pilates approach which includes a one-on-one assessment before joining a group class. This enables the physiotherapist to assess your specific injury/condition and determine which exercises are safe for you (and which ones won’t). This eliminates the risk of re-aggravating an existing injury, and ensures that each session is tailored specifically to you.

The studio has state of the art equipment including trapeze tables, reformer beds and Wunda chairs – all which make for a fun, challenging workout. Group sessions are kept small (5 clients or less) and their SCULPT classes are a mix of traditional Pilates and the latest reformer techniques. This combination helps challenge the entire body in multiple planes, opening your hips and spine to feel strong and aligned.

They also offer a pre-natal yoga/pilates class which incorporates safe and supportive exercises to support the mother in her journey. And for those who are keen to get a workout that will actually burn fat, their Cardio U classes will help you reach your training zones and train smarter for lean muscle and reduced fat.

If you’re looking for a more intensive workout, they also offer Barre Attack classes. These high intensity low impact workouts are set to upbeat music and include a blend of barre, cardio and stretch sections that may involve the barre, elastic band or small weights. This is a great low impact way to sculpt your body and let the ballerina in you shine!

The studio also has a number of casual passes, packs and memberships to suit your fitness goals. Bookwell makes it easy to compare prices, availability and bookings across the city. Say goodbye to appointment cards and hello to booking online – wherever you are.

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