Replacing Conservatory Roof With a Solid Roof

If your conservatory is starting to look dated or you are struggling to make it an all-year round space then replacing its roof with a solid roof is a great way of transforming it. There are lots of different styles available to suit any home. You can choose from a traditional glass look, or a modern hybrid option which mixes a solid roof with glazed panels. Solid tiled roofs are also very energy efficient meaning that your heating bills will be reduced. They will also help to reduce outside noise making your conservatory a quieter space.

Adding a solid roof to your existing conservatory is not as complicated as building a new one, but it is a significant job as the structure will need to be strengthened. It is therefore vital that you find a reputable contractor who can carry out the work safely and to the highest standards. You should also check that the contractor has a valid trading license and insurance cover.

You will probably need to obtain Building Regulatory Approval before starting the work, as this will mean that you are changing the classification of your conservatory from a permitted development to an extension. Once approved, the local building control department will carry out a survey of your existing structure to ensure that it can cope with the additional weight of the new roof and that any openings (windows etc) are suitable. You may also need to have the existing foundations tested, and if there are any signs of distress this will require remedial works at extra cost.

It is worth noting that a solid roof will not improve the insulation of your existing conservatory, which means that you will still be losing heat from the structure. For this reason, you should consider installing additional insulation and upgrading the glazing on your conservatory as well.

If you do opt for a solid roof, it is important to use quality tiles that will last for as long as possible. Cheaper plastic tiles can fade over time, so it is best to go for a ceramic or porcelain tile that will not only look good but also be highly durable.

You should also bear in mind that any replacement roof will add significantly to the overall weight of your conservatory, and this can have a knock on effect on the walls. Unless they were built when Permitted Development Rights applied, you will probably need to have these reinforced or replaced to allow them to take the weight of the new roof. Ideally, your contractor will carry out this work before fitting the new roof, but if not you can ask for these works to be done afterwards. Always make sure that any roof systems you are considering are officially certified by a body such as the JHAI and that the installer is a reputable company with experience of fitting conservatory replacement roofs. All of the major national installers like Everest, Safestyle and Anglian have excellent reviews on the Trustpilot consumer review website, so you should have no problems finding a company that can meet your requirements. replacing conservatory roof with solid roof

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