Self-Insured Pensioner Calculator

Calculate your retirement income – including the impact of a defined benefit and defined contribution pensions and the State pension – using our free online tool. You’ll also get a forecast of your target retirement income to help you determine how much you need and what changes you might make in order to reach your goal.

If you are self-insured, this calculator will estimate your cost per year of coverage. You can choose to include life insurance or health and dental coverage in your estimate.

A simple and straightforward tool that gives you a rough estimate of your future benefits based on your current earnings. This calculation does not include WEP reduction or a supplemental benefit (Security or Asbestos Fund) deduction.

The VCERA calculators provide an unofficial benefit estimate based on your projected retirement date, years of service credit and final average compensation. If you would like an official benefit estimate, please download a Request for Benefit Estimate form and submit it to VCERA.

Pacific Life is proud to offer this free calculator, powered by CalcXML, to our employees and members. It is provided as a general reference and is not intended to replace professional financial, investment or tax advice. The calculations, results and explanations produced by this calculator may vary based on the inputs and assumptions you use. If you have questions about this calculator, or its applicability to your personal situation, we recommend that you seek the guidance of a qualified financial planner, tax specialist or actuary. Калкулатор самоосигуряващо се лице пенсионер

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