The Best Grip Socks For Pilates, Barre and Yoga

Grip socks are a must for Pilates and yoga enthusiasts, offering hygiene benefits in shared studios, as well as increased stability and body awareness. But not all grip socks are created equal, and not all brands offer the same level of quality or comfort. In this article, Women’s Health highlights the 11 best grip socks for pilates, barre and yoga based on reviews, ratings and expert opinions.

Made with an organically sourced cotton blend, these pretty socks are the softest, prettiest grip socks we’ve ever tried on—plus they have a fun, mandala-inspired pattern and breathable mesh upper. They also have a peekaboo section on the ankle for a bit of movement freedom, and there’s an anti-blister heel tab to prevent blisters. And they’re available in several sizing options, including a low sock that cuts just below the ankle for those who like to keep their socks on top of their shoes and a full-coverage crew sock that hits mid-calf for those who prefer to have their socks cover more of their foot and lower calf area.

These stylish strappy grip socks have more than 30,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, so you know they’re a fan favorite. They’re designed with a toe separator, which helps keep your toes and feet in alignment and avoid bunching, plus they’re machine washable and come in a variety of earthy colors for men and women. And the company gives a pair of socks to charity for every pair you buy, so you’re doing good while looking great.

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