The Importance of Ruqyah

Ruqyah consists of reading verses from the Quran over someone who is ill to invite healing and to ward off evil from them. There are a variety of different techniques and factors that can be used to increase the effectiveness of Ruqyah. These include reciting the verses into different foods and items to target specific areas of the body, using knowledge of elementary medicine to further amplify the effects of Ruqyah and reciting on paper to treat sorcery etc.

It is a very effective remedy against magic, evil eye and poison, and there are countless reports of people drinking the water of Zamzam who were cured of diseases such as cancer. This is a miracle, but it only occurs when the righteous people do Ruqyah properly and not for their own gain.

If a person is afflicted with an illness, magic or an evil eye then it is a must to listen to Ruqyah on a daily basis. Ideally, one should stop all other activities and only focus on listening to Ruqyah. This may take several days or longer depending on the severity of the affliction. If a person finds that the ruqyah is not helping them, they must examine their yaqin and niyyah as there could be something stopping Allah from helping them. If this is the case then they should make istighfar (seek forgiveness) as this will open all doors to get Allah’s help.

It is also important to pray all the obligatory prayers and adhere to the daily adhkar as these are the best ways to safeguard oneself against jinns, devils and evil eyes. If one does not follow this advice, they will be exposed to these afflictions even after being cured with Ruqyah. Ruqyah sheets

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