The Wednesday Addams Costume Shop

If you or your child are fans of the Addams family and their dark humor, then this Halloween, consider dressing as Wednesday and her infamous death stare. This character has been a popular costume choice since the release of the Netflix series starring Jenna Ortega, and the character’s signature look is easy to replicate with a black dress, white collar and the right accessories.

While the Addams Family is known for their unique style, Wednesday stands out with her dark braids and eerie face. The character’s wardrobe reflects her rebellious nature and lack of conformity, and she is seen in many different looks across film, TV and Broadway. To recreate this iconic look, you will need a black dress, black tights and shoes, white collar, and a spider prop to complete the ensemble. If you want to add a little extra flair, consider wearing a pair of combat boots or adding a Nevermore Academy backpack, as seen on the show.

This long sleeve Peter Pan collar fit and flare dress is an affordable and comfortable option for a Wednesday-inspired look. The fabric is made of high-quality materials and it comes in sizes up to XL. The ribbed fabric is stretchy and it has a smooth finish. The spooky black color is versatile and this outfit is perfect for Halloween or cosplay events.

This black wig will let you easily create Wednesday’s middle-parted, straight hairstyle. It comes in several lengths and can be undone to reveal black strands underneath for a more realistic look. If you prefer not to use a wig, try using temporary hair dye to achieve the character’s shade of black. And don’t forget to apply black nail polish or a similar shade on your hands and feet. wednesday addams costume

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