Tips For Buying and Maintaining RV Refrigerator Parts

RV refrigerators are different from residential fridges in a few ways. For one, they’re designed to withstand the rigours of long travel and must work harder to keep cool on hot days or when in higher altitudes. They also typically use a smarter type of cooling unit, called an absorption refrigerator, that uses ammonia, water, gas, and hydrogen to create the chemical reactions needed to maintain the cold temperatures that keep your food fresh.

When shopping for a new RV refrigerator, it’s important to consider the storage capacity you need and how many people will be using it. For instance, a family of four might prefer a large 2-way RV refrigerator that can be powered by either AC or LP gas.

In terms of maintenance, it’s a good idea to level your refrigerator regularly to ensure that the door seal can function properly, keeping all of the cold air inside. It’s also wise to periodically check the vents for clogs and other debris that can prevent the proper circulation of air in the fridge.

Finally, a regular cleaning of your fridge can help it stay in great shape for longer and improve efficiency. It’s also a good idea to avoid overpacking your fridge as it can cause it to overwork in order to remove the heat and cool the food and drinks inside. rv refrigerator parts

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