Tretinoin on the prevention of skin aging

If your skin was already having the sun injury, the most effective method is topical applying tretinoin. Does everyone were suitable to use tretinoin? The answer is no. Most of the people can use certain types of tretinoin, they can improve the skin’s sun injury, make the abnormal growth skin reversal, these aspects all have definite effect. But people who have very sensitive skin may be can not topical use tretinoin. If you have rosacea (facial redness, small blood vessels dilating, sometimes have inflammatory papules), you absolutely can not topical use tretinoin. Other products, such as topical use vitamin C may be helpful. Topical use vitamin C is effective on excessive aging skin.

Tretinoin is a chemical molecule, derivative of vitamin A. Can be taking orally, also can be used locally. Used for treating psoriasis and acne. Through binding with special receptor, then react with DNA. This process generated new molecules, improving the skin. The most common retinoic acid series have tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene. The first two kinds are most commonly used for treating solar aging.

While topical using retinoic acid, most people will feel mild irritation to the skin, continue to use will disappear. Generally, the higher the degree of sensitivity skin, the chance of appearing stimulation will be greater, therefore, the use interval should increase (every night use twice), do not cause significant irritation, because the drug is not through stimulating to play a role. Tretinoin manufacturer had been carried out many studies, proved that the effect is positive. Topical use tretinoin has both short-term and long-term effect. Short-term effects (the use time is shorter than 6 months) including: improve wrinkles; improve the skin gloss; improve the flatness of skin, before treating, the more obvious of the skin damage, the effect will more obvious, but the treatment should be started before the serious damage skin. Long-term effects of Retinoic acid (over 6 months) including small wrinkles and skin texture improved, discolouration skin returns to normal, skin toughness increased. Even using once a day or even using 3 times a week, this effect still can maintain.

According to cosmetic raw material suppliers, people are very easy to entice by the remove wrinkles, beauty, skin rejuvenation advertisings, But to our deeply regrets that cosmetics bought from the beauty counter can not really help you eliminate wrinkles. Wrinkles produced are due to the support skin collagen and elastin damaged, wrinkle cream only can improve the skin’s surface, but can’t really solve the problem of wrinkles. Now, however, there is a drug used to reduce wrinkles, it is tretinoin. This drug is used to treat acne, but after use, it was surprised to find that it can update the skin. Tretinoin is a molecule, can stimulate the skin cells, including the ability to stimulate cell collagen production, to make it active, can eliminate wrinkles and do not hurt the skin, of which is more effective on small wrinkles.

But be aware that using Retinoic acid makes skin susceptible to sunburn, so when using Retinoic acid, must use sunscreen and keep away from the Sun as much as possible, otherwise it will be burned. If the skin shows up redness and peeling, can use moisturizing products to reduce these side effects. Some cosmetics can make your wrinkles temporarily swelling, but most of them are under slight inflammation and swelling phenomenon to swell wrinkles, this is not a safe practice, repeated use will cause permanent damage. Tretinoin for Collagen

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