Unisex Diaper Bags

Everyone knows there are a lot of choices out there for women for a diaper bag. They can go with chic and sophisticated, classic and sweet, or youthful and trendy. They can choose big, little, straps, handles, flaps, zippers, pockets, cloth, leather, and the list goes on and on. As of late, there are even a few masculine diaper bag choices for dads to carry. He can choose a diaper-changing backpack or vest, a leather satchel, or a tough-guy camouflage tote. There are even diaper bags by Diaper Dudes with manly skulls and crossbones, guitars, dragon warriors, and Chinese Om symbols. Unfortunately, it’s fairly difficult to find truly unisex diaper bags, or diaper bags both men and women feel comfortable carrying. A unisex diaper bag is a diaper bag that truly doesn’t indicate that it belongs to a man or a woman. This can be very difficult to find, especially if you want something that looks stylish and serves many different functions. Fortunately, some unisex diaper bags have recently popped up on the radar.

A very popular unisex bag on the market right now is called the Charlie, and it’s designed and manufactured by Catherine Choi. This bag looks very indistinct, and so it could easily be carried by a man or a woman. The bag is made of canvas and comes in blue, black, slate, and khaki. There are no frilly designs indicating it’s made for a woman, and there are no overtly masculine features indicating the bag was made for a man. It’s a tote-style bag, but can easily be converted into a backpack style bag for busy moms and dads on the run who need both of their hands. This bag is fantastic because it comes with a built-in sunglasses holder, spare change and credit card holder, and a compartment specifically for a man’s or woman’s wallet, not to mention all of the amazing compartments for all of your baby gear. There is an insulated pocket for bottles and baby snacks, a specific area for a baby changing mat, and a place to store a baby sling or carrier. It’s a great unisex diaper bag.

Another popular unisex bag is called the Jamie and it’s sold in several different boutique and online stores. This bag looks like it could truly be made for a man or a woman. It is a fourteen by twelve inch black, leather bag with a canvas, adjustable strap. It has so many features including insulated side pockets for keeping bottles and snacks a the desired temperature, a padded changing mat, a big, exterior pocket for easy grabbing of whatever you may need (and that pocket zips up). And for mom and dad, the bag has a cell phone pocket, key holder, pen holder, and several other storage compartments for anything you may come up with. This bag will keep mom and dad organized, prepared, and stylish.

There are several other unisex bags on the market. Some of these bags can be quite pricey, so it’s worth doing your homework to determine the best bag for you and your spouse. At least it’s good to know that there are bags out there which will fit the bill for both men and women, and, of course, their babies! Michael Kors tote

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