Using Live Cams For Distance Learning

A webcam is a great tool for distance learning because it allows students to interact with their lecturers and ask questions that they might not be comfortable asking in class. It also gives them the opportunity to experience places that they might not have been able to visit otherwise. For example, the BreatheCam from Pittsburgh allows people to zoom in on the city skyline and see the effect that pollution has on our atmosphere.

Many people use their computer’s built-in webcam to live stream, but if you have a mirrorless or DSLR camera lying around it can be easier and more efficient to use than your desktop’s webcam. And with the latest live streaming software, connecting your video camera and using it as a webcam is super easy.

You can even add special effects to your webcam like blurring and focusing on specific items in the frame. And if you have multiple cameras, you can connect them to the same software to stream from different angles at once.

It’s important to keep your camera clean so you don’t get any dust or grime stuck in the lens. Always unplug the device before cleaning and always spray cleaner onto a cloth, never directly on the device itself.

Adding animated titles and graphics to your live streams can really level up the production quality and add value to your content. Luckily, it’s super easy to do with sites like Placeit. live cams

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