What Does the Sony PlayStation Move Mean For the PS4?

In case you haven’t heard, Sony announced back around March 11, 2010 at the Game Developers Conference that they would be releasing a hand held controller called Sony Move. The Sony Move is a motion-controlled video game controller that allows users to physically control the motions on their TV screen. As you have guessed this is intended to be a competitor to the Nintendo Wii. The Sony Move is set to be priced at under $100, which is great considering the economy right now and is on target to have a release date of Fall 2010.

The Sony Move is a black hand sized wand looking thing with a white lighted ball on top. It also has an accessory controller that looks similar to the nun-chuck of the Nintendo Wii and is to be used for the same purposes. Included with this package is something Sony has created called the PlayStation Eye Camera, this will allow characters on screen to mimic the users voice, abilities, and motions. In addition to the release of this package, Sony has 20+ Move compatible games coming out around the same time all create by top level developers such as EA Sports, Activision, etc.

So What Does this Mean for the PlayStation 4?

We don’t really know at this point… it is safe to say though that with the PlayStation 3 (PS3) starting to rev up in popularity and the addition of the Sony Move, that this current PS3 game console could last for some time… We could venture to say that this means the PlayStation 4 release date will be pushed back even further than the tentative 2012 date, but we don’t really know. No one does… all we can recommend for the time being is to purchase the Sony Move and have a blast using it on your PS3!

We are hoping though that the PS4 will still be releasing when we assume it to be, and we can’t wait. Since this technology is being added on to the PS3, there is no telling what to expect from the PlayStation 4, in fact this new release can make us wonder even more what kind of features it will have! playstation 5 games

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