What Is an Employee Communication App

An employee communication app is a mobile workplace tool that provides employees with key information and resources. Most of these tools have features that allow for collaboration, content management and even project management. They can also have messaging features, allowing employees to communicate with each other. These tools are great for companies that need a more in-depth and direct communication tool than email.

Some of the top employee communication apps are Slack, Yammer, Workplace and Lattice. These tools all have their own unique capabilities that set them apart from each other. Slack is known for its channel-based internal communications, allowing workers to connect across departments, offices, and time zones. It can also host one-on-one chats, audio and video calls, and group chats. Yammer is a corporate social network that connects staff informally, and it integrates with other Microsoft tools to help teams stay organized. Workplace is a new generation of social networking for the modern workplace, and it offers a newsfeed with targeted channels, a searchable people directory, one-on-one chats, and live video streaming for town hall meetings.

Lattice is an employee engagement tool that makes it easy to give praise and feedback, even from remote locations. Its mobile-first design is easy to use, and it allows frontline workers to connect with each other to swap shifts or ask questions. This boosts morale and leads to higher productivity and a stronger team spirit.

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