What is Home Care Dorchester?

Home Care Dorchester is a service that provides older adults with reliable, consistent and flexible support in their own homes. This can include a few hours a week from a trusted carer, or all day every day from a live-in carer. Care at home is very popular and often less expensive than moving into a care home.

Home care aides typically help seniors with household chores, cooking and shopping, as well as transportation to appointments or social activities. In addition to helping seniors remain safe and healthy, home care aides can also provide companionship, which is vital to a person’s mental health as they age.

The average cost for home care varies across the United States. Hover over your state on the map below to see how much home care costs in your area. Keep in mind that these prices reflect the monthly cost for 20 hours of home care per week, so the cost will be higher if your loved one needs more care.

If your senior requires 24-hour home care, the costs will be significantly higher. To learn more about the cost of this type of home care, speak to a home care provider near you.

There are a variety of options available to cover the cost of Home Care Dorchester, including Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid and long-term care insurance. However, many families find that the best option is to use their own savings and retirement income to pay for home care. Home Care Dorchester

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