Why Does Aiden Sound Like a Crane?

Why Does Aiden Sound Like a Crane?

When playing the first few levels of Dying Light 2 (DL2), you may have noticed that Aiden has a very distinctive parkour sound. It’s one that you can’t get out of your head, and it’s not a coincidence. This isn’t the first time the game has used the sound. Hakon and Hannah Lynn Crane have also been known to use it.


One of the most fun characters to play as in Borderlands 2 is Aiden, a self-proclaimed peacekeeper (self-appointed “righteous protector”) with a flair for the dramatic. While he is a capable combatant, it is his personality that will make or break his reputation. In a world of killjoys and bureaucrats, Aiden is a breath of fresh air, so to speak. Fortunately for him, the Survivors and Peacekeepers are at each other’s throats. This makes the task of rescuing his beloved wife, Sophie, that much easier. However, it doesn’t end there. The aforementioned duo is not the only slugfest in the area, as Lawan and ‘The Butcher’ are also vying for top spot. A few other notable players in the battle royale include Frank, the aforementioned Jack Matt and an unnamed villain whose name is best left as a spoiler. So who’s in?

Of course, the real question is, when the dust settles and the guns come out, who’s in charge of the town? That all depends on the decisions made in the aforementioned battle royale.

Dying Light 2’s parkour

As you might expect, Dying Light 2 has an emphasis on parkour. But the game also features other aspects, like combat and side activities.

Compared to the first Dying Light, the sequel has improved its parkour mechanics. This includes a redesigned skill chain system, which rewards players for keeping combos going.

The parkour skills also contribute to a player’s combat skills. Players can boost themselves off ledges, climb structures, and cross gaps with ease. These abilities can be used for quick traversal or to make a stealth attack. In some situations, it can mean the difference between life and death.

The sequel features a new protagonist, Aiden Pearce. His facial animations are well-developed, and his voice is very pleasant. He can use a range of weapons, such as crossbows, a machete, and baseball bats.

The plot of Dying Light 2 follows Aiden as he searches for his sister Mia. Aiden’s character is more rounded than Kyle Crane’s, with more backstory and choices.

Dying Light 2 takes place many years after the events of the first game. As the story progresses, players will encounter more Dark Zones. They will be able to fight humans and gain new weapons and blueprints.

The day/night cycle of the world is also present in Dying Light 2. As the night cycle progresses, experience collection is faster. EXP points are awarded for completing combat and parkour options.

Besides the main story, the sequel has 60 hours of side activities. Players can choose from a variety of side quests, most of which are of high quality.

There are some minor niggles. It can get repetitive at times, but overall, Dying Light 2 delivers a solid sequel. Techland should be proud of this release.

Dying Light 2 is a fun sandbox zombie adventure that has a lot of depth. It’s worth the investment to try it out. Especially if you’re a fan of the original. It’s a fun and gory game, and one that’s sure to please. Whether you’re looking for a single-player experience or a multiplayer zombie chase, it’s worth giving this one a shot.

The End of a Life

The Dying Light sequel features a new progression system. While the gameplay remains the same, it’s now tied to parkour and combat, rather than combat and missions. In addition, a new timer that stakes out Aiden’s actions has been introduced. This means Aiden has to make decisions that shape the future of Villedor.

Aiden Caldwell, the protagonist, is a survivor of the infected world. He is searching for his sister Mia, who was separated during a raid on a GRE facility run by Dr. Waltz.

As the story goes on, Aiden is ostracized because he has no biomarker. As he struggles to find a way to survive, he meets with a GRE scientist who gives him a key to unlock GRE installations. However, the key also grants him access to a deadly zombie.

As his life is turned upside down, he finds out that his contact has been running from him. Spike, his companion, serves as a connector between him and Kyle Crane.

Aiden also finds out that his contact has left the city of Villedor. As a result, Aiden must face his past, especially his sins.

As he fights, he also hears the sounds of the attacks. His enemies vocalize too, when they are low on stamina. It’s almost like every attack is real.

Aiden has a number of options to pursue, ranging from staying in the light to siding with a faction. If he chooses the latter, his plans will change. For example, he might side with the faction that is responsible for the death of Fury.

However, he will find himself paying a heavy price. When a mission goes wrong, his life changes dramatically.

In the end, Aiden’s journey will take several playthroughs. It’s a good story, though, and the progression is fairly moderately cathartic. With the help of his companions, Aiden will eventually find Mia.

Ultimately, the Dying Light 2 sequel will highlight the worst in humanity. But it’s also a game that excels at making you feel strong enough to go out at night. Whether you enjoy the story or not, the game’s visuals and music are excellent.

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