A Beginner’s Guide to a Gaming PC Build

A gaming pc build is the best way to get a computer that can play games at the highest resolution and frame rate possible. Unlike off-the-shelf computers, a gaming PC includes a powerful central processing unit (CPU) and a high-end graphics processing unit (GPU), which together provide the power to run the latest, most demanding video games on your computer.

In addition to a CPU and GPU, you’ll need a motherboard, RAM, storage, a power supply, and a case. While it may seem daunting, assembling your own PC is actually fairly straightforward. It is important to prepare your workspace ahead of time, using antistatic equipment to avoid static charges that could damage components.

You should also use lint-free microfibre towels to handle your computer parts, including cleaning thermal paste off the CPU, polishing the tempered glass side panel of your case, and cleaning up cable runs in the back of your case. Standard kitchen towels and other household tissues are not suitable, as they can attract static charges that will damage the sensitive circuitry of your computer.

Your motherboard will come with a cover called an I/O shield that snaps over all the external connections it has, protecting them from dust and debris. Make sure it’s snapped in place before you start installing your other components. Also, don’t forget to add the correct cables from your power supply to your components that need it, like your video card and hard drives. If you’re not sure, check the manuals for the specific components to see what type of cables are required. gaming pc build

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