Custom Grip Socks

Custom grip socks are made with a non-slip bottom consisting of rubber or silicone that provides traction inside shoes. The rest of the sock is generally made of comfortable, breathable, sweat-wicking materials. Using the latest printing technology, they can be branded with your logo or design.

Grip socks are popular among athletes in team sports, including football. Their use is largely driven by their ability to reduce in-shoe foot motion and improve change of direction performance. They also help to avoid minor injuries such as blisters and abrasions caused by contact with the shoe sole.

Aside from providing traction and stability, grip socks also protect feet against the rough surfaces that can cause rashes and friction. They are thicker than simple socks and usually cover the entire foot and calf. Some have traction on the sole and some are lined with compression to prevent swelling after intense activity.

Often players will wear their regular team socks underneath the grip sock to keep them in place. They will then tape the two together with either sock tape or cohesive sock wrap, which can be colour-matched to match their team socks. This method of attachment ensures the grip sock doesn’t slip or become too tight during use and that it will last longer than if worn alone. It also allows players to continue wearing their favourite pair of grip socks even if they change teams or their kit supplier. In addition to ensuring the grip sock fits properly, it is important to wash them regularly and avoid excessive friction or moisture as this can reduce their lifespan. custom grip socks

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