Goodies Pub Implements Fintecture for BtoB Payments

Goodies Pub

A stalwart of Alexandria, this slightly off-the-beaten-path frozen custard shop offers Wisconsin-style treats in the form of rich scoops of ice cream served on a cone or a bowl with a choice of toppings. The spot also serves up sandwiches and shakes made with the same ingredients as its famous custard, which can be topped with a variety of fruit, candy or other sweets. Goodies operates out of a renovated, 90-year-old ice house in Old Town.

Before implementing the Fintecture solution, business customers who paid by bank transfer were required to contact the site by telephone or e-mail to place their order. As a result, assistants, secretaries and accountants were involved in time-consuming manual interventions that slowed down the processing of orders. This was a source of frustration for Goodies, which wanted to offer its BtoB customers direct online access to a 2-in-1 payment solution including either immediate transfer or smart transfer.

To do so, it needed a tool that was intuitive, user-friendly and fast. This is exactly what Fintecture delivered: a secure space accessible online for each customer that enables them to follow the status of their payments in real-time. This greatly improves the overall customer experience, which helps boost sales. For Goodies, it means the ability to fully automate all of its transfer flows, freeing up internal teams to focus on other priorities.

The Fintecture payment hub (immediate transfer and smart transfer) has enabled Goodies to reduce its internal costs and significantly enhance its level of service. As a bonus, the solution also eliminates any risk of error. With this intelligent transfer, the company can now process all of its transfers in a single step and at a single address, which simplifies its financial accounting and drastically reduces its administrative expenses. In addition, it now has the flexibility to use the tool for all its BtoB transactions. This is a great way to strengthen its presence in the market and to continue to grow its reputation. goodies pub

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