Top 5 Workout Apps

A good workout app can help you keep up with your fitness goals even when you’re away from a gym or studio. But the sheer number of options on the market can be overwhelming. From HIIT-centric programs to at-home yoga and strength training, we sifted through them all to pick the best workout apps for your needs.

The apps on our list are free, or offer a subscription option for premium content. We only chose apps that make no questionable health claims, have certifications from reputable third-party organizations where relevant, and follow ethical business standards. We also considered the community that surrounds each app, whether in-app forums, social media groups or a strong online presence.

One of the most popular exercise apps is Peloton, which offers a wide range of workout classes that’ll help you strengthen, tone and get that post-Peloton buzz without having to splurge on a bike or treadmill. The app offers access to 20 live classes a day and over 7,000 on-demand workouts, plus instructors like to pump up the crowd with neon-colored music and upbeat instruction. You’ll need an internet connection to use the app, but the workouts are available to download for offline viewing as well.

Another workout app to try is Alo Moves, created by premium yoga apparel brand Alo Yoga. It has a diverse selection of instructors and workouts, with sessions ranging from five to 150 minutes long. The workouts focus on yoga, barre, meditation and HIIT, with a variety of teachers to choose from, including some who specialize in working with people with injuries or illnesses.

We’re also big fans of JEFIT, an exercise app that provides workouts for all levels of experience. The individualized exercises are designed to target specific muscles and joints, and you can customize your workouts to suit your strengths or limitations. The app automatically syncs your progress with Apple Health, and you can add a custom workout tracker to see how you’re doing against your goals in real time.

All workouts on the app are based on research-backed bodyweight movements, and you can track your progress using your own custom workout log or tap into existing data from other apps, like Apple Health or Garmin Connect. The app is simple and easy to use, and it’s an ideal choice for someone who wants a workout they can do anywhere.

To start a workout, open the Workout app on your watch and select a session from the calendar. When you’re finished, tap End to let your Apple Watch know that you’ve completed the session and to view your workout summary. You can also use the Digital Crown during a workout to scroll through various metrics or Heart Rate Zones, and get voice feedback on your progress. The Workout app also shares workout data with Activity on your Apple Watch, so it can count toward your exercise or step goals. You can also calibrate your Apple Watch to improve the accuracy of distance, pace or calorie measurements. workout app

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