Roof curb – necessary for the longevity of the roof

A roof curb is a device which is used when you are building a new roof,

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 putting up new shingles or repairing the roof. It is used as a support structure for roofs and has many functions which influence the roof’s longevity and its drainage system. It is a metal sheet or a slice of flashing meant to fit snugly around the chimney or the vertical vent on the roof. The roof curbs look like a sleeve around the chimney and they extend vertically.

The primary function of a roof curb is to channel water away from the line formed between the vertical vent or chimney and the roof boards. If the water is not channelled away from the seam, the portion can become flooded with water and will begin to decay. The roof curb extends downwards and at an angle to facilitate this movement. Roof curbs are primarily used to provide a layer of protection between the vent or chimney and the joints of the roof. 

Roof curbs can be of different types and one can choose the right kind for the various types of vents and chimneys. Roof curbs with extra holes which seem like gills are mainly used in kitchens for exhaust fans and the vents are situated near the upper part of the roof curb.  Other kinds of roof curbs are meant for flat roofs, insulated and non-insulated roofs. Flat roof curbs are usually rectangular or square metal frames designed to extend support to heavy air conditioning units. Flat roof curbs are necessary for distributing the weight of the air conditioner evenly so that the structural strength of the roof remains intact. The roof curbs used for non-insulated roof have a layer of insulation.

Designing and constructing roof curbs is not very complicated and can be done fairly easily. A single welded roof curb offers more strength, support and durability because it consists of only a single seam. This minimizes the chances of the seam separating and increases the efficiency of the roof curb. Roof curbs can be got in various sizes to fit the existing chimney or vents and the heights normally vary from eight to twenty four inches. For installation on slanted roofs, the roof curbs have to be pitched.

Roof curbs are also available in many other styles like canted, pitched, vented, flanged, sound-absorbing and straight-sided. Various models of roof curbs can be checked out to meet the different roofing needs and climates. A prefabricated roof curb has many advantages over the field-engineered ones. The most important benefit of a prefabricated roof curb is that it takes less time to install and it ultimately brings down the costs because the fit between the fan, curb and the roof opening is totally compatible.

Roofs are perhaps the most integral part of any structure and to avoid unnecessary damage by way of water leakages and to ensure its longevity, installation of a roof curb should be made a top priority. roof cleaning in portsmouth

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