The Best Slouch Socks For Women

Whether you’re channeling Risky Business or simply embracing the retro loafer-and-sock look, the right pair of socks can make or break your outfit. Thankfully, the rise of slouchy socks has led to an abundance of options, so we’ve gathered some of our favorites for every occasion.

The best slouchy socks for women are thick, scrunchable, and stretchy for all-day comfort—they’re also great to wear with leggings, sneakers, sandals, and Birkenstocks. The right length will vary based on your height; for example, the cuffs of this pair from Muji sit perfectly above the ankle, which is ideal for wearing with boots. Other styles come up to the knee and are great for pairing with sneakers and dresses.

For workouts, we recommend a pair that’s designed for grippy mat exercises like yoga, barre, and Pilates. One option is these grip socks from Angie, which Richer Poorer co-founder Iva Pawling swears by for lounging around the house as well as their intended purpose of preventing slipping in workout classes and on the yoga mat. They’re made of high-quality cotton that feels cozy and comfortable on the feet, and their ribbed construction helps them maintain shape.

We also love this pair of white dress socks from Wolford, which have a loose knit top that’s great for slouchy style. They’re thick enough for warmth in cooler temperatures, and they also have an elasticated cuff that hugs the foot to prevent slippage. They’re available in several neutral colors, and they’ll work with everything from dresses to ankle boots to loafers. slouch socks for women

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