Words Per Minute Test

The words per minute test is a common typing test used to measure how fast you can type. It measures the number of words you can type in one minute and does not take into account accuracy. Taking multiple tests and practicing will improve your WPM over time. However, there are some limitations to this typing test that should be noted.

WPM is a useful metric for measuring your typing speed, but it’s important to also consider accuracy. Typing errors are a normal part of the typing process and can impact your accuracy score. You can minimize your mistakes by practicing often and making sure to check your work before submitting it.

Many jobs require administrative professionals to be able to type quickly, and many employers offer a words-per-minute typing test as a part of the hiring process. There are several ways to increase your typing speed, including using touch-type techniques and regular practice sessions. You can also take a free online typing test to find out your WPM and use it to track your progress over time.

A top reader can reach speeds of 1000 wpm with 85% comprehension, but this is rare for the average person. Instead of purchasing a typing program to increase your WPM, try using this free online word-per-minute typing test that allows you to select your keyboard settings and customize the text. The site displays your word count and timer while you’re typing, and it marks mistakes in red if you misspell them. words per minute test

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